Congratulations! 47 Finalists for the 2015 KAAF Art Prize


Proudex Australia, Managing Director, Mr Douglas Park is also associated with the Board of Directors of KAAF. The Korea-Australia Arts Foundation (KAAF) is an organisation comprised of Korean people that promote and support a wide range of visual artists in Australia. KAAF is a non profitable organisation which was established with the motive to provide specialised activities in visual art, in order to support artists and art organisations with the visual arts field.

Proudex Australia highly supports all events from KAAF. At the end of each year, KAAF provides annual art competitions which is held by the Korean Culture Centre in Sydney. Mr Park annually provides awards to the finalists and performs his act of greeting as a Board of Director of KAAF. All information regarding a wide of Korean art and other art matters including Artist in Residence, art schools, local artists and art organisations that are based in Australia, are sent across to Korea.

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