Origin-A Power Diet Slimming

Origin-A Power Diet Slimming


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Origin-A Power Diet Slimming tablets may assist fat burning and eating less food effortlessly. Coffee Canephora Beans are fresh coffee beans containing chlorogenic acid that has not been roasted. In their 100% pure form, coffee beans are rapidly becoming a significant breakthrough weight loss.


Recommended Adult Dosage: Take one tablet three times daily 30 minutes before meal. (Do not exceed three tablets daily).

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Caution: If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

Chlorogenic Acid reduces the amount of fat in the liver can be broken apart and used as energy.

L-Cartine is an effective natural solution helping burn more fat, creating more energy, increasing stamina and promoting healthy blood flow. Q10 assist vital role in the production of energy in the cells and Caffeine can improve anaerobic exercise performance.

Therefore, these combined effectiveness control fat lose, create energy, increase stamina and improve anaerobic exercise.

Benefit & Effects

Lipolysis / Energy recovery & generation / Improving blood circulation

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